What does Savage Ruthless Mean?

Think passion, persistence, ambition, relentless drive.  Live life to the fullest, be courageous, and don’t hold back with anything you do.  Forget the people that doubt you and don't be afraid to take risks. We are savage ruthless. 




The company, Savage Ruthless, started in March of 2017 at The University of Nebraska-Kearney, when Co-Founder, Corey Van Dorn, was given an assignment in a marketing class, and he decided to make 24 shirts with the phrase, "Savage Ruthless" printed on the chest.  With students and friends intrigued by the shirts, they sold rather quickly.  As that batch of 24 sold out, another batch was made with a different design, in which they sold out very quickly again.  This process was repeated about 10 times using house parties and Snapchat/Instagram posts to promote and sell the merchandise.  As the market grew, the numbers then increased to 48 at a time.  By now, it was not just shirts being sold, but also tank tops, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies.

Through word of mouth, friendships, and social media, the company name began to spread further than just Kearney, NE.  The second birth of the company was on the campus of Ithaca College (New York), when Co-Founder, Malik Morris, spread the movement among his entire college and city.  Malik had his eye on the brand and knew that he could get his college on the same Savage Ruthless wave.  Malik went big and had Corey send him a variation of hoodies, crew necks, and long sleeve shirts adding up to be nearly 200 clothing items. He sold these in a less than a month and was needing more.

Once the brand grew large enough on the 2 campuses, the house parties became out of hand with the amounts of college students attending.  With that, "Savage Ruthless Nights" were born.  These were promotional nights hosted at bars and clubs to promote the brand, sell the clothing, and very importantly, to show people a great time and experience living it up the Savage Ruthless way. 

With Savage Ruthless growing immensely on these 2 college campuses as well as other places across the country, it was time to create a website to more efficiently fulfill the demand for Savage Ruthless merchandise.  

January 19th, 2018

The website was officially launched.  Promotional events and parties still carried on.  Pop up shop events and sponsorship events came into play as well.  To see more of our story beyond the launch of our site, check us out on our Instagram: @thesavageruthless



The Savage Ruthless is more than just a clothing line, it is a lifestyle. Join the movement.